That Nomad Shad – Saddest On-Screen Deaths

We’ve all experienced that moment when a dear character meets their tragic end. Sometimes the filmmakers feel the necessity to rip our hearts out on-screen reducing the audience to a puddle of tears and sadness. The best of these leaving us to deal with the trauma for life.

It’s time to chop some onions and relive some of the saddest moments in cinema.


5. Bambi’s mother – BAMBI


Oh God. I feel the tears coming.


4. Ellie Fredrickson – UP


This was a mistake. MY EMOTIONS! MY EMOTIONS!


3. Mufasa – THE LION KING



2. John Coffey – THE GREEN MILE


Sobs uncontrollably



This is from Mathilda. CRIES

What is the saddest on-screen death? Let us know in the comments.

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