The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 1 (REED RICHARDS)

This will be the 1st installment of this series and today we will be the pros and cons of four options which I think Disney should consider when casting the team.

First up is the socially awkward erudite leader of the team, Reed Richards.



A prerequisite for the casting of Reed Richards is that it can’t be an actor with a comedic side, Reed isn’t ever the life of the party or able to “break the ice” like a normal person so only serious actors should be considered.

Brad Pitt



  • It would be a huge buzz for the movie, and would some credibility to the production.
  • Can play socially awkward, see Burn after Reading & Meet Joe Black.


  • His casting would bring an added layer of pressure for the movie to succeed and please fans.


Sterling K Brown



  • It would be a brave choice from the studio.
  • Has great range.
  • Deserves a big break, which means he probably won’t “rock the boat”.


  • Not a “big draw” name actor.
  • Risky casting that could polarize the audience before viewing the movie.


Colin Farrell




  • This could be his superhero redemption and he has really made good decisions since Daredevil.


  • There could be Daredevil baggage that he can never get over.


Ethan Hawke



  • Can play weird and awkward well.
  • “Predestination” shows us what he can do playing a scientist.


  • Said he would never do a superhero movie.
  • Wouldn’t want to do multiple movies, eliminating the possibility for a franchise.

What do you think of the options I have put out there? Do you have any options of your own that you could see as REED RICHARDS?

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