The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 1 (REED RICHARDS)

With Disney teasing a new Fantastic 4, let’s have relook at my selections two years ago.

This will be the 1st installment of this series and today we will be the pros and cons of four options which I think Disney should consider when casting the team.

First up is the socially awkward erudite leader of the team, Reed Richards.



A prerequisite for the casting of Reed Richards is that it can’t be an actor with a comedic side, Reed isn’t ever the life of the party or able to “break the ice” like a normal person so only serious actors should be considered.

Brad Pitt



  • It would be a huge buzz for the movie, and would some credibility to the production.
  • Can play socially awkward, see Burn after Reading & Meet Joe Black.


  • His casting would bring an added layer of pressure for the movie to succeed and please fans.

Sterling K Brown



  • It would be a brave choice…

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