The Best (Most Shocking) Moments of Chernobyl

Chernobyl is proved itself as one of the best television series currently available. It’s a harrowing example of human fortitude in the face of nuclear disaster. It does this by highlighting the horror of radiation, providing some shocking television moments.

Today, I will be sharing five shocking moments from HBO’s Chernobyl. Be warned spoilers abound.

“You didn’t see graphite”

This moment would have had a few viewers fuming at Dyatlov’s sheer arrogance in the given situation. The scene highlights the denial of such failure and emphasizes the cost thereof. It is also the beginning of the misinformation which would cost so many people their lives.

It’s over 9000!

The moment, which we learn the true value of the radiation leak has to be one of my favourites. General Pikalov returns to tell the team that the radiation reading wasn’t 3.6 roentgens, but 15000. It’s a great moment of realization of the danger at hand and the monumental task to prevent a further cataclysm.

Radiation sickness

Several times throughout the show they highlight the effects of Acute Radiation Syndrome and boy is it horrifying. The images of peoples melted flesh may be hard to stomach but it highlights the devastating threat that radiation poses to the world.

Born to Die

If seeing Vasily Ignatenko’s melted flesh wasn’t horrifying enough, Lyudmilla’s pregnancy revelation would have hit you in some way. It’s a heartbreaking moment of realization that the baby was doomed to die. It’s even more heartbreaking when we learn that the child only lived for four hours after being born.

Animal Hunt

If you love animals then episode 4 is one of the most harrowing episodes of the show. A team is tasked with killing any animals within the exclusion zone and the audience is forced to face this reality. Your heart sinks when Pavel finds a dog with a fresh litter of puppies. Despite the extermination being off-screen, it is still one of the hardest moments to sit through.

Share your most shocking moments of HBO’s Chernobyl with us in the comments below.

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