The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 4 (BEN GRIMM)

This is the casting the studio can take the most risk with because we will never see Ben Grimm’s face. This will be a CGI character similar to Thanos. While practical effects are good, it would look clunky alongside anything the MCU puts on screen.

My suggestion to Disney Marvel would be giving Benn Grimm/The Thing the ability to control the transformation similar to the Hulk. Remember he has a genius best friend in Reed Richards.

Dan Soder


He is only known for his role on Billions as Dudley Mafee, but after a bit of investigation, I discovered he has a sharp comedic side.

People might think this casting is a bit out of left field, but I think comedians playing the saddest roles in the MCU would be a great decision.

Trevante Rhodes


Known for his role in Moonlight, he definitely has the dramatic “chops” but may lack the personality required to clash with whoever plays Johnny Storm.

The fact that he is black can be channelled better in the character of Ben Grimm more so than most as he will be further out of place. Has an ex-military look about him, unfortunately, we only got to see this in 2019’s Predator. While he wasn’t the sole problem, it doesn’t help.

Jay Hernandez


Probably the biggest name I will put forward. He has turned into a great character actor and was the best part of Suicide Squad as Diablo.

His role as Diablo also shows me he is willing to take a supporting role. He may steal the show from the rest of the cast.

Justin Bartha


Yes, the lost bachelor from The Hangover. He is an excellent comedic actor and brings that sensibility to his dramatic roles like his performances in The Good Fight.

He doesn’t have the most conventional voice nor looks for a Ben Grimm, but he is the kind casting choice we could see from Disney if they are looking to cut costs.

What do you think of the options I have put out there? Do you have any options of your own that you could see as BEN GRIMM?

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