The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 4 (BEN GRIMM)

Probably my favorite of these roles to recast – The Chairman

This is the casting the studio can take the most risk with because we will never see Ben Grimm’s face. This will be a CGI character similar to Thanos. While practical effects are good, it would look clunky alongside anything the MCU puts on screen.

My suggestion to Disney Marvel would be giving Benn Grimm/The Thing the ability to control the transformation similar to the Hulk. Remember he has a genius best friend in Reed Richards.

Dan Soder


He is only known for his role on Billions as Dudley Mafee, but after a bit of investigation, I discovered he has a sharp comedic side.

People might think this casting is a bit out of left field, but I think comedians playing the saddest roles in the MCU would be a great decision.

Trevante Rhodes


Known for his role in Moonlight, he definitely has the dramatic “chops” but may lack the…

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