That Nomad Shad – Top 5 Worst Adaptations

We live in an age of cinema where some of our most beloved characters are able to jump the medium and transition to the silver screen. This had lead to the birth of cinemas most triumphant successful. However, these successes stand upon a mountain of failures.

Today, I share with you five of the worst adaptations ever put to screen. These films have been so bad that I have wiped their existence from my memory.


5. Doom

There is no shortage of terrible video game adaptation, but there are a few that are truly as bad as Doom. Doom never felt like it was a tribute to the video game, it just felt like a generic low budget action film. Bar one adequate fps sequence and The Rock, Doom was doomed.


4. Catwoman

Before the great success of the Marvel machine, there was a slew of terrible comic book adaptations. By far the queen of the trash was Catwoman. Even Halle Berry couldn’t save this film from its terrible script and direction. Its crowning achievement will forever be THAT basketball scene…


3. Street Fighter

The undisputed king of terrible of video game adaptations, Street Fighter is actually a marvel. This movie got everything wrong…EVERYTHING! The choice to make Guile the lead was baffling. The tragedy that was Ken and Ryu was nothing short of insulting. However, Raul Julia as Bison was inspired.


2. The Last Airbender

Based on the beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender and helmed by once iconic director, M.Night Shymalan, what could go wrong? Right? Right?! This is one of the most insulting interpretations of one of most well written shows of all time. The film is lifeless husk of its vibrant source material, doing the bare minimum to move the characters from point A to B. The Last Airbender will forever go down as one of the worse adaptations of all time.

1. Dragon Ball Evolution

This film…This film is a disgusting cash grab of an adaptation. This movie is everything that is wrong with shameless adaptations. The film doesn’t even try to remain faithful to the characters or the source material, there is nothing redeemable about this film. It is rumoured that original creator, Akira Toriyama, was not happy with this adaptation so much so that he returned to create a new Dragon Ball series. DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD YOU MUST BE TO BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL CREATOR?! DO YOU?!


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