The Best and Worst of The Lion King(2019)

The latest of Disney’s Lion King is bound to have fans divided about the film. It’s a solid remake but isn’t able to surpass the greatness of the original. That being said the film isn’t without its brilliance.

Today, we’ll look at some of the best and worst of the 2019 Lion King. For those that have not seen The Lion King, whoever you are, SPOILERS abound.

The Best

Stunning Visuals

If nothing else, you have to be amazed at the photorealistic animation that they achieved. This film is stunning to look at and could easily be confused for a high budget nature documentary.

The Hyenas

One of the few things, which got a fresh coat of paint was the Hyenas. While they are still played for laughs, there is a far more sinister edge to them in this version, which pays offs.


Timon & Pumba

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan absolutely kill the roles of Timon & Pumba. They capture the essence of these characters while injecting their own personalities for a fresh update. Timon and Pumba are arguably the best part of this version of the film.

The Battle of Pride Rock

The climax of the film is a visual spectacle and a feat of modern animation. The battle itself is a tense affair with all the chips down. It’s a thrilling conclusion to Simba’s journey and arguably one of the few scenes which surpasses the original.

The Worst

Can You Feel The Love This Afternoon?

SAVE US ELTON! The scene happens in the late afternoon and feels contrived. It also fails to capture the spirit of the original song. This musical number wasn’t the greatest moment in the film.

Missing Emotions

With photorealistic animals comes a decline in facial expressions and a loss of emotions. This is felt throughout the film, with performances kept within a certain range. It was this limitation that would be the films greatest downfall.

The Mufasa Cloud sequence

This was MY biggest disappointment. Despite some great visuals, the cloud sequence was reduced to lightning flashes to light up Mufasa’s face. It was disappointing not to see Mufasa is all his cloudiness.

Share your best and worst moments of The Lion King with us in the comments below.

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