eSport Easy Money

The Fortnite World Cup has wrapped up with Bugha claiming the crown and decent sum of $3 million. Not bad for a kid playing games. Following the news, many people have claimed that this “Isn’t a real job” or it’s “easy money”, and that they can do this themselves. While it’s pretty crazy that a 16-year-old can nab a few mil playing games, I would like to debunk the notion that its easy money that anyone can do in their spare time. This is an insult to the players who dedicate hours to training and mastering their craft.

First and foremost, the idea that gaming isn’t a real job is absurd. Gamers are not confined to those that lurk in their parents’ basements, incapable of any form of social interaction. Professional gamers train and function the same way that professional athletes do. Many pros spend a decent chunk of time honing their skills to reach the top. This means that they often have to balance their private lives with their professional life. Often, it leads to many players making large sacrifices that may not pay off in the long run. For every Bugha, there are thousands of prospective players who just fade into obscurity.

Saying that anyone can make “easy money” playing video games is ridiculously deluded. A large part of this delusion is a result of the accessibility of video games. While video games are far more accessible to larger audiences this does not mean that everyone can make it to the peak. This is comparable to YOU playing social football, claiming that you too can win the World Cup. You may be good within a certain circle, but do you really have the necessary skill to play at the highest level? We see this comparison in many sports, with there being thousands of professional players, but only a select few good enough to make it to the top tier.

Gaming is NOT an easy profession. It, like every other career option, requires the necessary dedication to become professionally viable. Even then it doesn’t guarantee you that fat $3mil that you want so badly. If you want it, stop being salty and keep playing.

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