That Nomad Shad – Favourite Cinematic Car Chases

Few things inspire the white-knuckle thrill as cars frantically racing towards a singular goal; I’m talking about a good ol’ car chase. Car chases have proved to be one of the thrilling spectacles of cinema, combing the characters’ urgency with the dangers of terrible drivers.

With another entry in the Fast franchise hitting cinemas, I’ve decided to share my favourite car chases to date.

5. Ronin

While this film may have fallen into obscurity, it had one of the most cinematic car chases ever put to screen. The chase blazes a trail of tires and bullets through the streets of Paris as Sam and Vincent desperately try to hunt down their McGuffin.

4. Terminator 2 – Judgement Day

Ok, so this doesn’t involve cars, but there are bikes and trucks. This is just one of the most terrifying chases as John Connor tries to escape the T1000. Being chased by a big rig has to be scary, let alone when you’re on a tiny-ass 100c bike. The chase might not be a large spectacle, but the tension in the scene is enough to earn its spot on this list.

3. Drive

One of my favourite films ever put to screen, Drive has one of the best opening sequences ever. The scene perfect encompasses the skill of our lead character as he calmly evades the police. He’s the epitome of cool as he slips past the authorities with almost no effort.

2. The Raid 2

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Raid films and The Raid 2’s car chase is another reason that it’s up there. The scene combines an external car chase with a backseat brawl. It’s frantic and brutal and captured through some exquisite cinematography and direction

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

The latest entry into the Mad Max franchise came as a shock to many as it exceeded all expectations. The entire film is centred on a massive car chase which I can only call art. It’s relentless and beautiful as Immortan Joe and Friends hunt down Max and Furiosa. What a beautiful chase!

What are your favourite car chases? Tell us in the comments below.

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