That Nomad Shad – Top 5 Worst Sequels

It’s no secret that most sequels to capture the same magic as their predecessor. More often than not, a sequel will prove to be a solid accompaniment to its progenitor. However, there are rare occasions when they completely destroy everything that the original has built up.

These are the absolute worst sequels, destroying the potential for greatness. These are the films that ruined their franchises:

5. Mortal Kombat Annihilation

The original Mortal Kombat was hardly a great film, but it was a competent, enjoyable video game adaptation. Two years later, Mortal Kombat Annihilation would once again show that they suck. The film featured some of the worst acting and CGI ever put to screen. To top it off, the fight sequences were laughably dull. Hopefully, the reboot is able to restore justice to Mortal Kombat.

4. Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park has been of a franchise of ups and downs. Jurassic Park III has to go down as one of the most forgettable entries in the franchise. The film dropped Dr Ian Malcolm and some of the best elements of the series for a gimmicky attempt to refresh the series. The film is laughable in places with none of the horror elements able to land.

3. A Good Day to Die Hard

The Die Hard series has been great for the most part then this dumpster fire happened. With Willis phoning in his performance, this proved to be a dull C-grade film if I’m being kind. This proved to be the death of franchise…for now.

2. Rocky V

Ah, the black sheep of the Rocky franchise. Rocky V is a total miss, from a laughable villain to a terrible script; this film brings shame to the franchise. The film tries to capture the magic of the earlier films but completely fails at every turn. The only good thing to come out of the film was THAT speech.

1. Terminator: Genysis

The Terminator franchise has been on the downward spiral for a while now. SOMEHOW, they managed to get JAMES FUCKING CAMERON to endorse this horseshit. This film is just awful at every turn, terrible casting, terrible script, terrible CGI, and a terrible film. The biggest mystery is how this film managed to get another sequel after this absolute flaming turd.

Which sequels ruined their franchises? Tell us in the comments below.

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