The Games of My Childhood Part 1

As the end of the current generation of gaming consoles comes to its end, I think back to what I was playing as a child. What were the games that stood out and defined my childhood as a whole? Over the next few weeks, I will look at some of the games that improved me as a player, forged friendships, and rivalries.

Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3 was the one that got the ball rolling. It was the first game that I owned on my first console, a Sega Megadrive. I remember countless hours mastering different characters for the sake of defeat Kahn. The sheer jubilation when I figured out a fatality for the first time. Mortal Kombat 3 will always be my first.

Metal Gear Solid

Good ol’ MGS. This was the first game that I played in the Metal Gear series and boy-oh-boy was this an experience to remember. Never before had I asked the following questions:

–           Why did they send Snake into enemy territory with no weapons?

–           Why are cardboard boxes so much fun?

–           Where does Snake keep his weapons whilst sneaking?

–           Who figured out the fact that you can use the player 2 port to beat Psycho Mantis?

Besides some of these mind-boggling questions, the game had one of the most intriguing stories. Gameplay was also different to anything that I had played at the time. And who can ever forget that post-credit scene that left us going WTF?!

Vigilante 8

This is one of the games that defined a friendship and one of the reasons for the purchase of the extinct multitap. Countless hours were spent in the lounge racing our murder machines, looking for power-up, and forging alliances that would be broken 5 minutes later. Nothing was worse than having a power-up stolen from in front of your eyes or being hit by a stray rocket. Vigilante 8 was extremely entertaining and one of those games that were extremely overlooked. I really do miss the motor-mayhem that was Vigilante 8 and hope that there is a reboot in the bag…somewhere.

Resident Evil

This was the progenitor of the survival horror experience. Resident Evil set a new precedent for future survival horror games. It was a game that tested one’s resourcefulness and ability to assess combat situations. The game was atmospheric which added to the suspense. It also featured unique boss battles where a brains-before-brawn approach had to be taken. The run-and-gun approach was never favoured, probably because you’d be out of ammo before your first major boss fight. This one’s a classic that won’t be forgotten.


Another great party classic that caused strain on many a friendship. Nothing was more satisfying than prodding your pleading friend’s worm to a watery grave. Ninja roping was a skill that could lead to victory or a non-stop mockery from your peers. The game was all about breaking friendships, causing havoc, and throwing sheep. It was glorious.

Next week the list continues!


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