Rambo: Last Blood – “Worst Blood”

Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission.



That Nomad ShadRambo’s latest outing takes the hero home where the war vet has settled with his friend, Maria, and his niece, Gabrielle. When Gabrielle is kidnapped and prepared for human trafficking, by Mexican Cartel, it is up to John Rambo to save her.

The film offers a very solid premise, but its execution ultimately poor. Several character threads fall flat and serve no purpose in narrative. Gabrielle’s initial reason for her journey is to track down her father, which is built up for a large part of the opening section. This amounts to him telling her off and subsequently not serving any narrative purpose. The script is filled with awkward character motivations and plot progression.

Sly Stallone absolutely kills it as John Rambo. He’s a bit muted with age, but it works out well. He’s a character that’s damaged and fights to save people. Honestly, the best part of the film. Everyone else feels very onenote, with the villains being the most generic Mexican gangsters put to screen.

As for the action…well…uhm…there is some? Last Blood is brutal, but almost lacks any action. The final battle feels less battle, and more like a dull massacre. Most of the action lacks any thrills, substituting it for over-the-top gore.

John Rambo’s final outing is a disappointing confused mess, which tries to be relevant, but fails at every turn.


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