MIA&I Begins Crowdfunding – A New Short Film by BTG Productions

The makers of the post-apocalyptic short film, Day Zero are embarking on a new project and need your help realising it.

MIA&I is the latest concept from the minds of BTG Productions writer/director duo Stephen Nagel and Dean Ravell. This dynamic duo most recently wrote, directed and produced Day Zero, an examination of what would happen to Cape Town should the dams run dry and people were forced to survive in a resource-scarce society. The film is co-produced by Haniefa Mooideen.


Other films by BTG Productions include, Frozen Yoghurt, Relentless and Detour. These films were made with zero funding, after hours and on weekends, all for the love of film.

Comparatively, MIA&I is a more ambitious undertaking as they now tackle science fiction themes, exploring the complex relationship between a human being and her robotic companion, with all the nuances that such a relationship may involve. So naturally, with a more ambitious concept comes more complex obstacles, one of which is production cost. Getting the right equipment, cast and crew, and keeping them happy and comfortable is all part of the package of making a film and without adequate funding this can be difficult. Joining the core team leading production on MIA&I is Nicola Duddy, while the film stars Candice Burgess-Look, Roxy Rose Modricky & Caelan Curry. Stephen Phillipson joins as cinematographer, with Jason van Rooy on sound. The original sound track for MIA&I will be composed by Bobby Dean.

So, why crowdfunding? The concept has been around for a while and involves raising money from many people, each contributing a small amount to realise the full budget. In the world of indie filmmaking, crowdfunding is often the only way in which films can be made. There are perks involved such as production credits and pre-release viewings that those contributing to a filmmaking crowdfunding campaign can claim.

After crunching the numbers, it’s been determined that with a figure of R15 000 (+-$1,000.00), this project can be brought to life. This money will be used to cover production expenses, as well as entering MIA&I into film festivals in the coming year. You can help them bring their vision to life by contributing 1% (or more) of this R15 000, giving yourself the opportunity to claim an array of rewards, depending on your contribution. Plus, you get the satisfaction that comes with helping some really cool filmmakers make a passion project. Explore the MIA&I crowdfunding campaign, and please contribute if you’re able to.


Remember that at the end of the day, you’re supporting Independent filmmakers who strive to tell amazing stories.

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