Sonic the Hedgehog – “Sonic the Hearthog”

Based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination.




That Nomad Shad – Sonic the Hedgehog looked like a film destined for failure. From it’s horrifying first design for the blue blaze to the cursed label as another video game adaptation, everything looked to slow down Sega’s iconic Blue Hedgehog. What we got was tons of heart and charm, wrapped together in the family friendly blockbuster.

The film centre’s on Sonic who is sent to earth to hide his power. He builds a life for himself in the adequately named town of Green Hills. After a freak accident Sonic befriends the town sheriff, Tom Wachowski, who helps him escape from the maniacal Dr Robotnik. And thus, the Sonic shenanigans ensues.

The film doesn’t boast the greatest script, but injects charisma into its characters. Ben Schwartz brings a solid balance of child-like wonder and attitude to Sonic making him extremely endearing. Jim Carrey is amazing as the deranged Dr Robotnik, bringing that signature over the top classic Carrey performance.

Video Game adaptations are notorious for shoving fan service down the audiences throat. Sonic manages to balance this issue. There are a ton of nods that are bound lots of joy for those who grew up with the Blue Blaze. It honestly got me itching to play the Sonic games of old.

As mentioned the script isn’t groundbreaking and some of the dialogue is oozing cheese from every crevice. It plays to the tied and tested tropes that we’ve all seen thousands of times before. Video Game character enters our world and goes on the run from governmental scientist. Befriends a goofy, but loveable human, and finds the power to protect his friends. You’ve seen it.

Sonic the Hedgehog is not a groundbreaking piece of cinema, but has enough charm and laughs to overlook all of its faults. Sonic moves at lightning pace never grinding to halt, with lots of fun action. Kids will love it and long-time fans are sure to enjoy it, even if it’s just for the nods to the source material. It’s no masterpiece but he’s my childhood icon.


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