Cocaine Bear (2023) – “The Citizen Kane of insane animal movies”

After a 500-pound black bear consumes a significant amount of cocaine and embarks on a drug-fueled rampage, an eccentric gathering of cops, criminals, tourists, and teenagers assemble in a Georgia forest.


Dean (Guest) – I wasn’t expecting Citizen Kane when I walked into the premiere of Cocaine Bear. And once you make your peace with the fact that this is not going to win Best Picture at the Oscars, it suddenly becomes an incredibly fun viewing experience.

It’s a camp slasher film with a murderous bear doing drugs and terrorizing a diverse group of weirdos for ninety minutes, including drug dealers, park rangers, cops, kids and teenage delinquents.

Probably Elizabeth Banks’ best directed film which isn’t saying much since she did the most recent Charlie’s Angels and Pitch Perfect 2. The cast includes a variety of faces you kind of know from other things, with arguably the most notable name being Ray Liotta, to whom this film is dedicated following his death in 2022.

There are genuine moments of laughter, decent gore, and the few jump scares it has actually land, and although the third act collapsed onto itself and the dialogue was a bit bloated and cheesy at times, it was still a fun watch. 7/10

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