Scream VI (2023) – “Ghostface Returns!” – Review

Four survivors of the Ghostface murders leave Woodsboro behind for a fresh start in New York City. However, they soon find themselves in a fight for their lives when a new killer embarks on a bloody rampage.


Stephan (Guest) – Scream VI doubles down on the self-referential meta commentary that has made the entire franchise such a joy to experience. It’s got the perfect blend of hardcore slasher violence and tongue in cheek, laugh out loud moments. As always, the commentary and analysis on the slasher genre in the text of the film itself is something every film buff will enjoy, while the thrilling set pieces will have audiences on the edge of their seat (or screaming out loud as one lady in the theatre was doing throughout).

This film is stacked with red herrings and kept me guessing from the very first act; there are surprises and sudden left turns that kept me on my toes at all times.

While the action is well directed and choreographed, and the editing is sharp and anxiety inducing, there were some moments of lapses in logic that had me rolling my eyes. Overall the film is a strong entry into this revitalized franchise, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. 7.5/10

Dean (Guest) – From the very first scene, I knew Scream VI would be different than the previous installments. Number five brought back the nostalgia the series but was always a transition movie. Six is it’s own beast.

The blood and gore was exceptional. The jumpscares landed – as the lady two seats away from me can attest to – and the tension in various slashing sequences kept me on the edge of my seat. Usually I deduct points from my ranting if I can see the killer(s) early on, but this film does such a good job of adding so many red herrings you’ll find yourself completing forgetting who you chose as your first suspect.

Number five was fairly split in terms of legacy and new blood, but this chapter phases them out a little more while still maintaining a healthy bit of nostalgia. And let’s not forget the thing that makes this franchise so interesting: it’s meta commentary on horror movies and tropes that it sometimes abides by but often subverts to masterful effect. Plus, as a filmmaker and cinephile, these scenes always make me smile.

The film doesn’t always take the risks I hoped it would, leaving some moments – particularly in the final act – to be a little more to formula than I would have liked. Some of the acting leaned a little on the cheesy side, but then again Scream has been known to wink at itself and be a little camp, so I can’t fault it too much. It’s a fun slasher and that’s what we signed up for.

Fresh blood (literally and figuratively), a young charismatic cast, hilarious meta commentary and subversion of expectations makes Scream VI an all-round good time. 7.5/10

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