Noem my Skollie – ” ‘N Man Sonder ‘n Vlag”

Starring: Sandi Schultz, Dann Jaques Mouton

Running Time: 150 minutes

When young Abraham gets arrested for a petty crime he raises his status in prison by captivating the hardened gangsters with his knack for telling stories. He becomes the “prison cinema” whilst his childhood friend becomes the concubine of a gang boss.

On their release from jail ‘AB’ finds romance with his childhood sweetheart and starts a new path in life as a writer but his friends rope him into a murder for which they all face the hang-man’s noose. Set in Cape Town, South Africa in the 1960s. The film is based on the life story of the scriptwriter Mr. John W. Frederick.


“That Nomad Shad” – If you think this is yet another Four Corners then you’d be wrong…even though Austin Rose is in both… It also means that mense will try to to sabela all the time…fok.

Kanallah no...
Kanallah no…

Yoh, this film hits you hard in the ballas. From the get go you can tell that this is someones personal journey and bares no bones about the harshness of life of the Cape Flats.


and you will be wys of the kak of being a gangster…

Where the film succeeds is connecting us to the main bra, AB. You want this bra to succeed and you feel for this bra when the kak sputs…

It’s a long film and there are a few pacing issues, and one or two issues that I felt was left unattended. This won’t hinder a JAS experience!



Must watch
Must watch

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One comment

  1. Thank you so much for perpetuating Coloured stereotypes, demeaning a very real story and tells us nothing about the movie, except the story-line. #sarcasm


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