Vir die Voëls – “Local is Lekker: Classic”

The movie is set in the 1970’s in South Africa during the “grens oorlog”. The young Irma Humple (Simoné Nortmann) is a strong headed women, ahead of her time, who ends up walking down the aisle to meet her childhood bully, Sampie de Klerk (Francois Jacobs).

She escaped from her abusive alcoholic father to become a strong independent woman and went to live in her home town where her grandmother (Elize Cawood) lives. This is where she reunites with Sampie once again. Irma immediately caught Sampie’s eye and this is where the love story unfolds, with some interesting turn of events.


Chanell (Guest) – The movie starts off slow, out of a third person perspective, with Irma narrating to the audience. After a while you realize you are captured in the movie and experience the feelings of the characters.

The stubbornness of Irma makes this not your average love story and is a good watch. 7.5/10

Let us have your thoughts on the movie.

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