Inferno – “InferNO”

In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces: Dante’s Inferno. When he wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks, a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories.

Against this backdrop, Langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle that pulls him into a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic science.


“That Nomad Shad” –

Brace yourselves for another 2016 special. Yip, another unwanted sequel of the meh book-to-film adaptation. But can this one break the mould? Can Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones save the world from the virus from the adaptation franchises? Why did they not adapt The Lost Symbol? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

1Let’s start off with Felicity Jones and Irfan Khan, dare I say that Felicity’s performance excited me at the thought of Rogue One.

2Both characters are likable and you get behind them for most of the film. Irfan plays a surprisingly good badass with some fun moments here and there.

3So….where do the problems arise? Well, it could be summed up by Tom Hanks’s performance, a man trying too hard to save a sinking ship. Despite a few good performances, these guys can’t save this film from being the dull mess that it is.

4The other performances are dull and contrived. The action sequences lack the kind of suspense that was delivered in the novel, and there is way too much shaky cam. Robert Langdon looks more like he’s hungover rather than a man who has amnesia. I shit you not, he “forgets” what coffee is and it has got to be the worst scene in 2016.

The editing and pacing of the film have to be worst things about this film. The film is way too slow in parts with everything ending rather abruptly.


The editing is awful with cutting happening all over the place and some very strange visual choices. Be warned mild spoilers ahead! Robert has these weird visions of the plague, which…uhm…plague him through the early parts of the film. Suddenly, the visions are explained with a half-assed explanation. WTAF!

6This movie tries so hard, but just doesn’t work.

5/10 (For trying)


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