The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 3 (JOHNNY STORM)

There are a couple of requirements for the casting of Johnny Storm, he has to be cocky and somewhat carefree, someone I would describe as a lovable asshole. He has to be the real lead of this team, playing off the personalities of Reed Richards & Ben Grimm.

Zac Efron



  • Definitely can play cocky, see Baywatch & Bad Neighbors
  • Surprisingly never been cast in any Superhero role. So no conflicts or baggage
  • Will be able to attract a younger audience


  • Hasn’t really been a bankable star since High School Musical


Logan Lerman



  • Showed he can hold his own in a franchise.
  • Has shown plenty of range,


  • Lacks charisma
  • Not a big name draw

Andrew Garfield



  • His personality matches the characters.
  • Name recognition.
  • Great comedic chops.


  • That whole Amazing Spider-Man thing.
  • Unlikely to accept a supporting role.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt



  • Would be a fan favourite
  • Has shown his versatilely in various genres, see Looper, The Night Before, & 500 days of Summer


  • He is 38, yes almost 40!
  • Lacks charisma.
  • Might not be up to a supporting role.

What do you think of the options I have put out there? Do you have any options of your own that you could see as JOHNNY STORM?


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