The Games of My Childhood part 2

Here is the second part of the most memorable games from my childhood


Syphon Filter 2


One of those games that you could just not miss out on. The game puts you in the shoes of globetrotting Gabe Logan, who is trying to stop the outbreak of the Syphon Filter virus blah blah. The game had an excellent blend of the action and stealth. It also had a surprisingly good multiplayer, which kept me coming back for more.

TimeSplitters 2

Before the great Call of Duty vs Battlefield debate arose there was Time Splitters. A game with a complete zany storyline, a bizarre group of characters and THE BEST MULTIPLAYER EVER!!! Yes, I said it. No fps had more depth than Time Splitters. It had billions of ridiculously fun game modes (I’m looking at you flame tag), a map editor and billions of bots. This lead to countless hours of fun, improve FPS skills and incessant needed to shout, “I’m melting”.

Tekken 2 

Tekken 2 was definitely one of the classical fighting games. I was never that great at Street Fighter, not that it’s a bad game, and I was just better at Tekken. Tekken was the way we solved arguments, partially because I had become too good at Mortal Kombat…or so they argue. Tekken really stood out. It combined a decent story with one of the most fluid fighting gameplay to create a masterpiece.

Red Alert 2 

This one is an RTS classic. Red Alert 2 played out the typical Russians-trying-to-take-over-the-world scenario. The game consisted of some of the coolest things that you could build and destroy the enemy with all your might. Red Alert 2 taught me how much I sucked at the RTS genre; consequently, it is also the game that improved my game.


If I’m mentioning RTS games then I cannot leave out StarCraft. I LOVED this game to bits. I think it had to do with the fact that I could build a fleet of carriers that could wipe out any enemy in the blink of an eye, or rush them with zerglings before they could start. This is another game that got LANned all the time. It was here that I learnt how fragile an alliance can be and how the satisfaction of the spoils of victory. Nothing was more satisfying than watching an enemy try to fend off a swarm of carriers.


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