Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Today is a sad day for the MCU with the news breaking that Sony and Disney couldn’t broker a deal for Spider-Man, which means that we’ll be stuck without Spidey in the MCU. While there are very sound businesses reasons for neither party budging, this does mean that the MCU will have to find a workaround for the Webslinger’s missing presence. Ultimately, it’s the fans that lose out on what could have been a potentially great new cinematic chapter for the character.


While there are no Avengers films lined up for phase 4, Spider-Man’s sudden disappearance will have an impact of the MCU, Peter’s life impacted Tony enough to go through with the time heist to restore the universe. Spidey was being groomed to be one of the key figures in any potential superhero team-up. Narratively, the Wall-crawler’s disappearance makes sense in light of the events following Far From Home’s post-credit scene. With his identity public knowledge, Peter simply decides to lay low to prevent his loved ones from getting hurt. This also buys the studio some time IF they decide to return to the negotiating table.

A bigger travesty may be that they scrap Spidey from the MCU, killing him off entirely. While this option may be one that the writers may have to consider, it would not be a fitting end for the Webhead. Everything that came prior might feel wasted with an off-screen death.

Another unlikely, but the possible consequence is Sony rebooting the character once more. This is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, but in all fairness, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw another live-action reboot. For now, Sony is most likely turning their attention to the Spiderverse and expanding on Miles’ story.

Whatever happens to Tom Holland’s Spidey is now in the corporate hands that are trying to make the properties work for them (read make them money). This could be one of the saddest cinematic endings for one of the most beloved superheroes, fading from the limelight on account of corporate red tape. As a fan, I cannot help but be saddened by this news, but I hope that both parties can make this work in the near future for the fans.


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